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Carpet Flooring

The flooring of your premises determines the aesthetic appeal of the overall apartment. Using the right color, height and patterns ensure that the carpet flooring fits perfectly into your current home décor. Using the right combination can help to create different theme in your house. With our professional service we are able to help achieve the following; adjust desirable comfort level and warmth in your premises, make your hallway wider, make a feature stand out.

With our focus on speed and quality. We follow a stringent process and schedule to ensure timely delivery of the highest quality of service. We insist on using only authentic premium materials for the best results.

Our firm also takes pride in quality while maintaining a competitive prices for all our customer.

 Type of carpet flooring:

  • Broadloom Carpet(12 foot wide roll)
  • Carpet Tiles (0.5m-0.6m)
Free Carpet Advice

It is important for your carpet supplier to inspect your home or office before making any recommendation on the carpet. At a time suitable to you, our sales personnel will visit your property to discuss the various styles of carpet to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Carpet Installation

Our trained and knowledgeable team will make every effort to satisfy your expectations for a better home or commercial property. We guarantee you a flawless finishing, timely delivery and minimum hassle.


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