Parquet Services

Parquet Services

The leading company in parquet polishing & varnishing services, staining services and parquet repair

Parquet Polishing & Varnish

We take pride in our process and uses the latest technology in wood restoration work. Our process of wood restoration includes the following:

  1. Grinding & Sanding existing flooring to raw condition (remove all scratches and fade mark )
  2. Patching up of gaps and cracks on the wooden flooring
  3. Application of melamine to parquet flooring to restore its shine
  4. Varnish application to wooden flooring

Choice of matt, semi-gloss or glossy finishing of the varnishing.

Whether in the home, school, shop, office or restaurant, we will take a close look at your parquet floor. Then provide the best advice on what it needs – depending on your requirements and its likely use. We will complete the job without fuss. 

All our workers take pride in their job and are either Singaporean or Malaysian.Contact us for a free estimate


Based on the damaged area, we will revive the damaged flooring and match the color tone with the rest of the flooring. Our process of parquet repairs is as follows:

  1. Remove the damaged parquet using tools such as hammer,chisel and needle-nosed plier.
  2. Scrape the sub-floor to remove any remaining adhesive
  3. Add Adhesive, align,leveling and replace the block(similar matching color)
  4. Sand & varnish the repaired area

Do contact us and we can help solve all your parquet flooring issue

Parquet Staining

Are you interested to change the color tone of your current parquet flooring? We can assist to stain the color tone of your wooden flooring to a color of your preferences. Using the latest technology we can help achieve the effect which you require.


Parquet Installation

Choose from our huge range of Solid wood (Merbau, Oak, Teak, Kampas and many more) or Engineered timber. We can help to customise the width and length of each timber strip size to suit your personal needs. Do contact us and our sales representative can meet you to recommend the type of wood for your needs