Tiles/Granite Polishing

Tiles/Granite Polishing Services

The leading company in tiles & granite polishing services

Tiles & Granite Polishing Services

Flooring Hero has been providing quality professional polishing services for homes, apartments, offices. Every flooring is special and we take special care to make it shine. Using the latest technology in the market and special chemical, we can make every flooring shine and sparkle again.

Type of service we do:

  • Polishing
    • Process of restoring flooring with the use of diamond encrusted pads
    • Removal of unwanted stain and accumulated scratches, leaving a polished surface.
    • Using a special flooring chemical to polish,buffer and clean the top surface of your flooring(if needed)
  • Flooring restoration

 All our workers take pride in their job and are either Singaporean or Malaysian